Incredible Bulb

Due to the EU ban on the common light bulb, the bulb in the Incredible Bulb luminaire has undergone an amazing metamorphosis. The filament has disappeared, leaving only the empty bulb. When lit, it is mysteriously filled with light. Light re´┐Żections create an imaginary source of light at the point where the filament would have been. An energy saving halogen lamp, the Halostar Energy Saver 25/35 watts by OSRAM, is fitted into the holder. The halogen lamp is integrated into the lamp holder together with a tiny re´┐Żector. This transformed bulb of the Incredible Bulb luminaire offers just the same warmth and comfort as its predecessor. With its downward directed light the luminaire is ideal for table or bar lighting. When dimmed, it provides the very warm light that is typical of halogen lights.

Design: Ben Wirth 2008/2009

Hand-blown glass clear or satined (Ø 8 cm, length 13 cm), ceramic socket with aluminium, transparent highly flexible cable, 2 m, ceiling rose Ø 8,5 cm with integrated electronic transformer 230 V/sec. 12 V, max. 20-70 VA.Illuminant: OSRAM Halogen Halostar ES 25/35 watts, socket GY 6.35. By winding the transparent cable around the ceiling rose and fixing it, the height of the luminaire can be regulated. It is possible to attach two lamps to one ceiling rose. Including illuminant 35 watts.

Version 1:
Bulb clear or satined with 2 m transparent supply line and ceiling rose.

Version 2:
Bulb clear or satined with 2 m transparent supply line without ceiling rose.

Canopy XL

Canopy XL is the ideal solution for long tables. We offer this canopy for three luminaires (140 cm) or for five (170 cm). In the version for three luminaires, you can individually set the distance of the luminaires from one another (min 40 cm/max 60 cm). It is made of white, powdered aluminium. Each luminaire has its own transformer. Maximum cable length from ceiling rose to luminaire is 200 cm.

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